Eat This // Sago Gula Melaka

April 18, 2013
I love desserts, however, I am not a fan of overtly-sweet, sugar-rush treats that take over your mouth with a sugar blast you cannot kick.  Street kitchen asian bistro in centennial, co has a just-sweet-enough dessert on their menu worth ordering; it will be the perfect ending to your next meal.

Enter, the sago gula melaka.  This traditional dessert is a staple in malaysian which features steamed sago pearls (tapioca) floating in a pool of silky coconut milk and gula melaka (palm sugar).  The palm sugar is extracted from flower buds on coconut trees and then boiled, leaving you with a rich paste that is great to mix into desserts for a sweet flavor and dark chestnut color. 


The balance of springy tapioca pearls against the creamy palm sugar and coconut milk will make each spoonful feel like a dance across your tongue.  The sweetness is just enough to tame your sweet tooth but make you crave a trip back to street kitchen for another order very soon.  

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  1. Our fav! My mouth is watering thinking about it!


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