Weekend Update

April 29, 2013
It is crazy that just last week I was writing about the dreadful spring snow and then what happens... we have a weekend with so much warmth and sunshine.  I took full advantage by doing some outdoor spring cleaning and then pulling out the cushions for our patio furniture to have lunch in the sun with my family.  We made this delicious arugula and fennel salad from love and lemons.  

Ryan and I took rocco on a walk around the beautiful park by our house, did a little shopping (I cannot wait to show you what ryan splurged and got me from here!), and squeezed in time with some of our closest friends too.  Sadly I cannot report a huge win for my denver nuggets who are now 1-3 in the series.  They will really need to step it up tomorrow for game 5 or our playoff appearance will be a dismal one, falling out in round 1.  Go Nuggets! 


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