30 Day Remix Challenge // Kate Spade Style

May 8, 2013
Kate spade has put together their version of a 30x30 remix challenge using items from the line's current collection.  The looks are really inspiring to me with their use of bold colors/patterns, whimsical accessories, simple silhouettes and surprise elements that make each look special in its own way.  


I love numbers 3, 5, 14, 15, 27 and 30 the best.  While I will never own enough of her pieces to have my own kate spade remix, the inspiration is endless.  Perfect example, I would never guess to mix a bold black and white stripped dress with a graphic chevron bag in fear that I might look an optical illusion.  Also, accessorizing in my world is simple understated pieces but I love the kate spade way, bold pieces that make a major statement but don't take away from the overall look.

Oh, and these drawings are just so adorable to me. :)


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