Latest Obsession // Nespresso

May 7, 2013
I have become obsessed with nespresso makers.  My interest first peaked last holiday season when I popped into a sur la table and they were handing out sample drinks.  The frothy cappuccino was deep in flavor, rich in color and so much better than any kurig coffee I had ever tried (sorry kurig and kurig lovers).  Plus, most models come with a milk frother so you can brew up both espresso,   lattes and cappuccinos.  I don't think any other product on the market right now can even compare.

Lisa from peridot skys loves hers, a close friend told me its a staple in his daily routine and even hotels are starting to feature them in their rooms for guests so I know I am not alone on this one.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I made a few (oopsy!) while staying at the four seasons last friday.  

Have you had a nespresso?  Do you think it is worth the investment?

this post was not sponsored by nespresso; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers.


  1. It's a different system than the Keurig K-Cup system...Keurig brews black coffee whereas Nespresso brews espresso-based drinks. It's like comparing a drip-coffee machine (like the nasty one in the break room at work) and an espresso machine. #keurigdefender

    Nespresso looks super convenient though. I don't use my espresso machine often because of how many steps it takes to get cold milk and whole beans into the finished product. Plus cleanup time.

    1. I guess I should clarify that I am not comparing apples to apples. Thank you Phil!


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