Finally Blooming

May 17, 2013
I mentioned just the other day that one of my spring goals was to get my planters filled with beautiful flowers.  I had high hopes to get a mix of color, texture and natural bug repellers and met nearly all of my criteria when all was said and done.

(clockwise from top left:  standing on my front porch looking down  /  pots in a row with blooming flowers below  /  a different view of my front porch planters  /  one of the planters filled with lavender and rosemary)

A week ago friday,  I made a couple trips to home depot, strolling the aisles of the gigantic garden center which was filled with endless options of beautiful plants and flowers.  I found enough flowers for both my front porch and back patio without breaking the bank.  After a few hours of breaking up soil from the year prior and then adding in new soil to the planters, I dug my holes and filled them in with the bounty I brought home.

(clockwise from top left:  backyard planter on the patio  /  my clematis from last year is turning green  /  buds are nearly in bloom  /  more backyard patio flowers  /  my pretty mystic dahlias)

While they are still small and getting used to their new homes, my clematis, coleus, cascading petunias, mystic 'illusion' dahlias, pansies and herbs are all doing well.  I actually think I have a couple additional flowers that I cannot remember the names of (if you know, please leave a comment below).  I am especially excited about my new dahlias;  I saw these for the first time here while on vacation in beaver creek last summer and fell in love.  The dark leaves contrast so well against the brilliant yellow.

Just like last year, I cannot wait to see all my flowers take root, grow larger and bloom even more.  Hopefully I will be a green thumb this summer and keep these guys thriving so I can post an update a couple months down the road.


  1. My mom always planted clematis growing up. What's the ground cover you have in with yours? I love ground cover. (Is that the dorkiest thing you've heard anyone say today or what?)

  2. Hi Corrin! I saw online that clematis does best when it has ground cover around the base to help keep away heat. I planted thyme at the base of my pot which has spread like wildfire but so has my clematis so I am happy with it! Bonus, I get to use it in my cooking :)

    - Jaime


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