Landscaping Updates // New Front Tree Too!

May 29, 2013
So just a few weeks ago I debuted our new autumn gold maidenhair tree that we planted in our front yard courtesy of denver digs.  You can read about it here.  What I have not mentioned in the past few weeks were the less than desirable weather conditions (snow + freezing temperatures) which lead to my tree crusting up to the image below.  RIP little maidenhair.  

The area we planted this tree is the 'public right away' which is the space between the street and the curb.  Previous to the maidenhair tree, we had laid sod that sadly did not make it (either) in the hot denver temperatures (at the time we did not have a sprinkler system and hand-watering did not provide enough concentrated moisture).  So, this weekend we decided to tackle the public right away with a landscaping overhaul.  

(looking back at our house from the street)

We made 5 trips to the hardware store over 2 days and bought in nearly 2,000 pounds of stone pavers to complete our project (each large stone was 38lbs!).  Throw in a few bags of paver sand, a couple shrubs, a new pair of leather gloves for ryan, a stellar new tree and some hard work to produce a great new public right away.  

(clockwise from top:  the view from our porch  /  a close up at the stone pavers set with sand  /  the final product which matches the section we did 2 years ago when we moved in)

Initially we were only going to plant the shrubs that are on the left/right of the tree and a couple lavender plants but we saw this october glory maple for an outrageously low price and changed our plans on the spot.  The tree should turn all sorts of bright amber colors in the fall that I cannot wait to see!  Oh, and those lavender plants found a new home in our backyard.  Once that space is filled in a bit more I will take some pictures to share.

(what a mature october glory maple looks like... so pretty)

I love how polished the stones look and the deep shades of green within the bushes.  The best part, all the plants thrive in high sun and do not require a lot of water.  I am hoping that this new tree will flourish in this space and provide some much needed shade to our front yard in the months/years ahead.


  1. Your house is adorable. That's exactly the kind of little bungalow (Though I'm sure it's huge inside, right? They're always deceiving! I want to live in!

    1. Hi Corrin! Thank you for the compliment. Like most bungalows, our house does look smaller from the front than it actually is. So many people tell us that when they come over for the first time.

      - Jaime


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