Weekend Update // Memorial Day

May 28, 2013
I hope everyone had a fun memorial day weekend.  Last thursday there were no plans on my weekend schedule but somehow it filled up fast and there was not much downtime.  Crazy how that happens.

Highlights of the weekend included cocktails on the patio with a homemade rosemary-infused simple syrup inspired by a recipe seen on fruetcake, bbqs with my inlaws and my family, an amazing visit with my grandparents (this was really the best part of the whole weekend), a major update to our front yard and also, a delicious brunch here on monday morning.

Thank you to all who have served our county and to the freedoms we all get to share.  This was a a wonderful memorial day weekend that I am extremely grateful for! 


  1. OMG is Pey holding a beer?!?!

    1. She put one of Makenzie's little toys on her grandpa's beer bottle and thought it was so funny. I guess without an explanation, the picture doesn't look the best. hee hee!

      - Jaime


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