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May 31, 2013
The denver biscuit company knows a thing or two about making biscuits.  These mile-high biscuits have it all, a crusty top, layers of buttery goodness, a chewy consistency and a steamy inside.  The best part, you can order them sweet or savory, with combinations of flavor for the most discerning  palette.

Baking at high altitudes is not for the faint of heart.  Recipes have to be tweaked and reworked to get things just right but denver biscuit company has found a winning recipe at their capitol hill location on east colfax.  For those who do not know, this breakfast joint shares their space with the atomic cowboy bar and fat sully's pizza.  It sounds like an identity crisis at first but when owners drew and ashleigh shader opened up this space as a bar in 2009 they quickly realized they wanted to offer their guests more than just drinks.  So, they tacked on the pizza place and shortly after, decided to bring a great biscuit joint to the mix too.

To get the true flavor and pureness of denver biscuit, I would say order a fresh biscuit and a side of homemade jam (I loved the strawberry-rhubarb) to get things started.  If you are a fan of starting your day off on a sweet-note, an order of the biscuit french toast will do the trick.  The biscuits are pressed flat on the griddle, creating a delicious crispy crust, then topped with rich honey butter and a ladle of sweet syrup.

(clockwise from top left:  menu  /  the franklin  /  the elmer  /  guy fieri was here, check out his spay-painted mark on the wall)

However, if sweet is not your thing, there are quite a few amazing savory options to choose from too.  The franklin will fill you up so bring your appetite; buttermilk fried chicken with thick cut bacon, melted cheese and a huge serving of gravy (veggie or sausage) between a steamy biscuit.  The sausage gravy has quite the spicy kick so, if heat is not your thing, I would order the vegetarian version.  Another great choice is the elmer, its denver biscuit's take on the pulled pork sandwich.  They add 12 hour smoked pork with a slather of homemade sauce to a biscuit that is then filled with crunchy slaw and tangy pickles.

Don't believe me, just ask guy fieri from food networks' 'diners drive-ins and dives' or the slew of other national press they have received.  This place is legit and the line out the door shows that denver loves a good biscuit.  I cannot wait for my next visit to denver biscuit company for another southern meal with some of the best biscuits I have ever tasted.

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  1. I have eaten at the Denver Biscuit location on Colfax a number of times and always walked away raving about the food. Saturday, March 14, 2015, decided to try the new 141 S Broadway location; hugely disappointed. The biscuits and gravy were like eating flour glue with a dose of sausage. Although my Grandson had the Franklin and said it rivaled the Colfax location for taste and quantity. It proves that the name on the door does not equate to equal food!


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