Book Club // Jazz In The Park

June 7, 2013
I belong to the most nontraditional book club I know.  A group of girlfriends and I get together on a monthly basis for 'book club' but we never assign a book.  We never even talk about reading.  We just use the term 'book club' as an excuse to get together each month.  The hostess rotates monthly and they get to plan the activity; wine and cheese pairing night, at-home-facial night, drinks on the patio, cooking dinner together... you get the idea.

This past sunday, my 'no-book book club' got together to kick off the season of jazz in the park.  This month mary hosted us and put together quite the grand picnic.  We had tons of fresh fruit, a bunch of dips, cheeses, crackers and super tasty brownies for dessert.  Oh, and lots of wine!  

I brought my most favorite low picnic table which is an essential item for any good picnic so you have a place to congregate snacks and keep your drink from spilling over into the grass.  Mary also laid out one of the quilts she made and gina brought a couple too.  

It was such a fun night listening to hazel miller play in the background as we told stories and laughed away the evening under the setting sun.  I think I am going to nominate myself to host next month's and have the girls over for a backyard soiree.

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