Eat This // The Boulder Scramble

June 15, 2013
Fluffy scrambled eggs folded gently with blistered spinach, roasted earthy mushrooms, punchy cherry tomatoes and crumbles of silky feta are the ingredients that comprise my favorite dish at jelly cafe.  There are a handful of scramble options along with dozens of other tasty choices at jelly but I cannot seem to quit ordering the boulder every time I stop in for a lazy morning breakfast.  


Served up with toast + the best jelly e.v.e.r. and a side rustic roasted potatoes dolloped with cool sour cream and fresh chives, this breakfast is filling but light in the best of ways.  The combination of ingredients in the scramble all stand strong on their own so when combined together, there is great balance without weighing down or over powering the soft eggs.  Oh, and I was not kidding when I said the jelly is delicious, it's made it house, vibrant in color and always punchy when spread on top of toasted bread.

This breakfast place has two locations in denver; one in capitol hill and their newest which is near the university of denver campus.  There is almost always a line on a weekend but the wait is more than worth it.  Once your name is called, sink into a comfy booth, get a cup of joe and while you might be tempted with the endless breakfast options, let me save you some time and just order the boulder; you will be happy you did!


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