For my Father

June 16, 2013
Happy father's day to all the dad's out there.  The only father that I can 100% confirm reads my blog is my dad so, today's post is for you!

(making dinner together back in february, at my parent's house)

Dad, thank you for...

teaching me the importance of patience
my bright blue eyes
instilling a need to never let you down or disappoint you
teaching me how to drive a car; I did pick up road-rage after the fact though
pulling me out of the ocean in cancun when the undertow started to make me drown
passing along your quick-wit and one-liners
walking me to school for 6 straight months when you were recovering from back surgery
showing me respect, thus, learning to give it as well
teaching me the love of cooking and how great it is to make delicious food for your family
inherenting your loud laugh; some however, might disagree that this is something to be thankful for
setting high expectations of how a man should act
showing me the importance of humility
all the advice you give, even if I don't always take it
showing me that marriage is a commitment worth making
always dancing with me in the kitchen, practicing saying 'hamburger' in spanish and being silly with me
letting me call you an old man, as I am sure you hate this
teaching me the value of a dollar and to be grateful for what you have
always saying I love you
all the quality time spent together on sunday afternoons watching nascar 
your sweet words and the tears we shared before you walked me down the aisle on my wedding day

I love you!

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  1. Happy Fathers Day Barry - You've raised an amazing daughter.


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