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June 20, 2013
Growing up my mom did the majority of the cooking in our home until I was around the age of 6-7. She then started going to night classes for her college degree and my dad stepped (fell) into the role of chef at night for my sister and I. To be honest, in the beginning this was not our favorite thing because my dad didn’t really enjoy cooking, he just did it and hoped it tasted good enough that we wouldn’t complain.

I don’t remember exactly when but there was a change in my dad’s food. He started watching cooking shows on pbs, cutting out recipes from the newspaper to try and even started incorporating new ingredients to dishes he regularly made. My dad started to really enjoy cooking for our family.

(my dad's copy of nick stellino's cookbook that was signed on the inside page)

Around this time he got into a big ‘italian kick’ due to the discovery of nick stellino on tv. I remember my dad bought his cookbook, cucina amore. On the weekends, he would make big family dinners for us with recipes from the book like homemade spaghetti sauce, minestrone soup, classic lasagna and pumpkin and sausage soup. The food was delicious and I think my dad could sense the excitement and happiness that his cooking brought to our family. So, when nick stellino came to denver for a cookbook signing, it was no suprise that my whole family went to go meet him. I can remember standing in line with my dad’s cookbook in tow, waiting to meet the man who inspired my dad so much in the kitchen.  I can vividly recall my dad shaking nick’s hand and talking to him about how much he loved the recipes in the book.

(nick stellio's wife signed a page too, which my mom loved)

So many years later, my dad still has his signed nick stellino cookbooks on the shelf. I have even made some of the recipes in my home that were favorites of mine growing up. Looking back now, it is really inspiring seeing my dad’s journey into cooking and providing for his family.  I felt like I was part of the journey too because often times I would watch the cooking shows by his side or be in the kitchen with him as he worked his way through a recipe.  I know my dad’s passion for food was passed along to me from these experiences and they are some of the most valued memories I have as a child. 

to buy the cookbook, click on the link below


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