Sick and Wishing For...

June 21, 2013
Ugh.  I have been quite under the weather for the last 3 days and it is really taking its tole on me.  There is nothing worse than being held up in bed when it is 93 degrees outside and your pup wants nothing more than to play with you. When I am sick, there are few things I want more than the a big comfy blanket, a warm cup of green tea with lemon + honey, a big bowl of my parents' homemade chicken noodle soup and some medicine to ease the pain.  

(blanket  /  tea  /  pj's)


  1. Hey there!

    I will be moving to Denver in August, so I was doing a bit of Google creeping to find area bloggers. I saw your feature on Denver Spark and wanted to just stop by sand say hello =)

    I hope that you start to feel better soon!!

  2. Ick. Hope you feel better! The blanket will definitely help (overnight shipping? :-) ).


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