Weekend Update

June 11, 2013
It's tuesday and I am just getting to my weekend update, oops!  

Highlights from this past weekend included clam pizza at proto's on friday with my sister, ryan and our friend brian.  Saturday I attended colorado urban winefest for the first time.  We sampled some tasty varietals from colorado wineries along with dishes from local restaurants.  Sunday was spent with my husband's family, lounging at the pool, seeing this scary movie and then wrapping up the night with a bbq in the backyard.  

We also managed to squeeze in some yard work, a crepe breakfast on bean tree's quiet patio and even a work out.  I am hoping that this next weekend will be a little less busy but with father's day and a birthday party coming up, I am not sure there will be a lot of down time.  

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  1. I love your weekend update! I also love the picture of Rocco and who is his twin?


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