Weekend Update

June 17, 2013
Do you ever have those weekends that you wish you could relive over again? That is how I feel about this past weekend because there was a nice mix of downtime, family time and workout time to make you feel good.

Like I mentioned last friday, I took the day off of work with my husband which gave us an extra day of fun. We kicked things off with a workout at orange theory (holy-cow-ass-kick) and then breakfast at jelly. Saturday we went to the pool with our beautiful nieces and then grilled up some burgers on the patio as a family before heading out to a surprise birthday party for a friend at stranahan's colorado whiskey distillery. 

On sunday morning ryan surprised me with croissants on the patio before we went to another orange theory class (all new guests get a free first week!). I went to the pool with my parents and sister for a bit and then ryan joined us for a tasty father's day dinner at bonanno brothers pizza. My mom kindly asked someone to take a picture of our family and it turned out to be such a great photo of us all. I might have to get that one framed and put up in the house.

What did you do to celebrate father's day? what did you do to enjoy your weekend?


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