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July 23, 2013
I love to eat out. Seriously, if 'dining out' could be considered a hobby, it would be my #1. I associate dining out not only with the food you get to eat, but the company, environment and memories that are part of the meal. From the smallest detail like the music playing, the night of the week, a joke that was told or even the font on the menu plays into my memory of a meal out. If I had to make a list of the most amazing meals of my life, I think most of them would include the company of my husband.

(just outside one of the family owned and operated, e'angelo's in san fran)

Out of pure luck we stumbled upon e'angelo in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood and I am grateful for whatever brought us in because we ate the most amazing carborna pasta and minestrone soup I have e.v.e.r. eaten.

(clockwise from left: ryan, will, luke, brian and I dining in vegas at craftsteak)

The vibrant red walls, ice cream dessert and impeccable service stand out from the dinner at tom colicchio's craftsteak while on a boys trip +1 (me!) in vegas.

Loud club-like music blared through the speakers at campo de fiori in aspen as our large group dined on fresh pasta and seafood late into the final hours of the evening.

(kiki's hidden below greenery but inside is filled with some of the most fresh and flavorful food greece has to offer)

(ryan and i before our lunch arrived at kiki's)

I read about kiki's online prior to our honeymoon in greece and knew we had to go. The catch, it is built into the side of the mountain, covered in plants and has no sign. It was a challenge to find with the greatest reward.

(the bar at beatrice and woodsley)

Every visit to beatrice and woodsley is special. The decor is like walking into a fairy tale and the food is an adventure through whimsy and comfort. I associate this place with celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and our new years' tradition of brunch at the bar counter.

(sun setting in santorini while dining at vanilia, the picture does not do the sunset justice)

I saw the most vibrant, fire-engine bright red sunset while dining al fresco at vanilia in santorini, greece while on our honeymoon. The meal was almost as delicious as the sunset.

(the cassoulet at denver's z cuisine)

French food, some of our closest friends, cow tongue, a menu read aloud by the waiter and way too many laughs was had at z cuisine. The night could not have been more perfect (p.s. order the cassoulet), including our wanna-be french accents that are still used to this day when we get together. 

I have so many more memories that I would love to share but I don't want to bore anyone with my endless obsession for food. I would however love to hear about your favorite meal and why it is so special to you. 


  1. I associate B&W with my favorite photo taken of you, Gina, Peyton and I! And Ashley walking 20 blocks too many trying to find the place. Ha! Shocking that an ostrich egg (is that what it was?) wasn't included in this recap! Love you my beautiful friend!

    1. It was a quail egg and guess what... that dinner (from my bachlorette party) is in my top 10 meals of my life! The egg not so much but the company of my 7 closest friends in the world, the rest of the food and energy of the night will forever be one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!


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