Weekend Update // Camping Trip

July 29, 2013
This weekend was our big camping trip to wellington lake which is just over an hour outside of denver, up highway 285. Friday afternoon we packed up the car and headed out for a weekend unplugged from technology which was exactly what we all needed.
(clockwise from top left:  peyton and ryan at the entrance to the camp site  /  castle mountain  /  a fallen rock suspended)

It marked the first camping experience for my 2 nieces and the second for little rocco. Everyone did awesome and rocco was a champ when we hesitantly took him on our saturday morning hike. My little dog constantly surprises me; he literally 'lead the pack' up castle mountain as he jumped up rocks and ran the trails; his little legs going a mile a minute. Oh and my nieces, watching them make s'mores, collect sticks for kindling and handling a fall like a champ really was so amazing to see. I am one lucky auntie to be able to experience so much with them all the time.

(peyton, ryan and krista at the lake  /  grilling up brats stuffed with jalapenos and dogs  /  my nieces enjoying a dip in lake wellington)

A small downfall to the trip was the rain that started up late-afternoon on saturday. It drizzled/showered all night and didn't stop for the rest of the trip. We handled the rain in stride; finding humor in eating our dinner piled up under an over-sized umbrella, playing cards in the tent as a family and taking all our soggy gear home to just unpack and then repack once everything dried out. 

(pine needles  /  wild mushrooms while on our hike  /  a family photo (gotta love self-timer)/  mature pines growing high  /  rocco hiking like a champ)

For my first camping trip of the year, I would say it was a major success. We had tasty food, beautiful views in all directions, quality time as a family and tons of laughs around the fire. If you want to take a peak at last years' camping trip, click here.

(low clouds as the rain came down  /  here I am while we break during our hike  /  sun setting over the lake and the distant burning fires from camp sites)


  1. What a beautiful place to camp! I've never been there but am making a mental note to now! xo

    1. Hi Amalia! Wellington Lake is awesome so hopefully you and your kiddos will be able to take a camping trip there soon. Thanks for the comment!

      - Jaime

  2. I love all of the photos, especially the last one! Little Rocco leading the way is so adorable!

  3. So pretty! Rocco hiking is just too much cute!


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