30x30 Remix // Summer Edition

July 30, 2013
Last october I embarked upon my first 30x30 remix after being inspired by fashion blogger, kendi everyday. For 30 straight days I remixed 30 items from my closet, only adding in accessories to mix things up. I have been having some serious wardrobe woes as of late, so, I am thinking that a 30x30 remix is just what I need to shake things up. 

(my first 30x30 remix outfits)

Sadly I just realized august 1st is literally a day away (enter: panic... is summer seriously almost over!) and I don't think I will have enough time to get everything together. Consequently, I am marking August 5th as the kick off for my 30x30 remix: summer edition.

If you have any suggestions for a great late summer item to add into my remix, I would love to incorporate your ideas into my challenge. 

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