Weekend Update

July 1, 2013
Happy monday. This past weekend was such a blast, kicking off with drinks and dinner at our friend matt + lindy's house. 3 large pitchers of sangria, a tasty dinner from here and watching the late-night lightning storm with some of our greatest friends made for the perfect ending to the work week.

Saturday afternoon we went to ryan's annual family reunion. A huge water balloon fight took over the entire reunion and people were running around like crazies, dodging or throwing balloons in all directions. That evening, we attended an edward 40 hands party which was a flashback to a college party night many years ago. Every guests showed up with their favorite 40oz beers which were then duck-taped to their hands; leaving everyone without the function of their hands until all beer was consumed. So. Much. Fun.

Sunday was my company's summer picnic which took place at the denver zoo. I had not been to the zoo since middle school so it was awesome to go through and see it all. Ryan and I had so much fun leisurely strolling through the park that I am going to share more about it later this week.

Hope you had a great weekend too. Bonus, only 3 short work days until july 4th! 


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