New Year's Resolutions // Q2 Update

June 30, 2013
So just like I did here when q1 ended, I thought it would be good to share an update on where things are at with my new year's resolutions now that q2 has come to an end. I hope everyone is still trying to stick with the resolutions they set for 2013; I know it is hard to keep them top-of-mind when there are so many changes and priorities coming in and out of our lives on a daily basis.  

Here is where I am at...

1. Financial stability - since paying off a credit card of mine at the beginning of the year, I will admit I have not had another 'major moment' in my financial world. Part of the reason... we decided to update the public right away in our front yard and we also booked a vacation for later this year (enter happy dance!). So, while I am not putting tons of money into savings, I have made an investment into the value of my home and my mental sanity with a vacation.


2.  Learn how to use my camera - with efforts to bring my camera out more and more, I have been able to capture the plants growing in my yard, my sister-in-laws' junior prom and a trip to vail back in april.  My next camera goal is working on my depth of field.  I hope to one day have shots that have great focus with foggy backgrounds like so many amazing bloggers take everyday. However, without having a dslr camera, I might not have as much range. We will see.

3. Physical fitness - I have mentioned before but just as a reminder, I love yoga. I used a groupon for a free month of unlimited yoga at my favorite studio, corepower, in april which really got me excited about working out. It was an awesome 30 days and if I could afford it, I would buy a monthly pass but sadly that does not work with my finances (see #1). I also did a trial week at orange theory which was the closest thing to personal group training that I have experienced. Sadly, I will not be buying a membership here either. Hopefully q3 will include more outdoor activities and some better workouts on my part at 24 hour fitness.


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