Latest Obsession // Leather Shag Rug

August 14, 2013
I am a huge fan of the online sale site joss and main. They have killer discounts on home furnishings and I feel like they, more often then not, curate collections that really match the style of my home. Last week I was perusing the site and saw this leather shag rug and I became instantly obsessed. The best part, it was so reasonably priced; like not just for a smaller size but for even a 5x7'. Rugs are traditionally crazy expensive but this one was so well priced, the choice was an easy one.

(rug  /  couch  /  floor pillow  /  side table  /  coffee table  /  clock  /  drum chandelier  /  bark tray  /  accent pillows)

I pulled the trigger and purchased this rug to replace the one I currently have in my living room. It has great colors throughout, grey, white and tan and it and I think it is going to bring some much needed texture to the room. Yes, it is not the most practical rug from a cleaning standpoint but for the price, I feel like it makes up for any spills or stains that might happen down the road.

Yes this is a horrible photoshop rendition on my part but at least it gives you an idea of how awesome (I hope) the rug will look. I will take some pictures once it arrives and give you all a little update too! 


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