30x30 Remix // Day 8

August 13, 2013
I guess you could say that yesterday I had a 'case of the mondays'. I just didn't have a lot of motivation to get things together and I was a bit out-of-sorts all day too. You would never guess it though with this super put together outfit, right?!?!? (enter: sarcasm). Well, I have never claimed to be a typical fashion blogger who is able to layer pieces together to create intricate and textually appealing looks and this outfit is case and point. So, another lazy day in my maxi skirt with a simple white tee is all you are going to get.

 (gap maxi skirt  /  h&m white tee  /  j.crew bracelet  /  sandals (unknown source)  /  necklace (unknown source)

Oh and in case you need the movie reference from up above, check out the clip below from office space...

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