The 50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now

August 1, 2013
Want to know a secret about me? My favorite magazine to read is GQ. It has tons of great articles, interesting interviews, endless fashion ideas (for me to share with my husband) and the best part... an amazing pulse on the food world. 

(images via: cronut  /  lobster roll  /  meringues  /  taco)

GQ just came out with the 50 best things to eat and drink right now and I was salivating as I read through the list. Pork dishes flooded the top 50 with pork belly sandwiches, smoked bbq and even pigs' tails. Fish from some of the best restaurants across the country were featured and vegetarian dishes had a great showing as well. Oh, and denver got some love too with frasca food and wine's chocolate meringues.

Below are some of the items that really caught my eye and are making me very hungry...

2.  chinese pork belly sandwiches - butcher & bee, charleston, sc

8.  brisket taco - briskettown, brooklyn

23. the cronut - dominique ansel bakery, nyc

30. meyer shrub shandy atera, nyc

32. lobster roll - hinoki & the bird, los angeles

36. chocolate meringues - frasca food and wine, boulder, co

to read the entire article, click here

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  1. I should NOT be reading this... I am so hungry! I could eat it all and go back for more!


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