Goose Island // Painting Event

August 2, 2013
Happy friday everyone! I am excited to tell you about an awesome event I attended last week hosted by the chicago-based beer company, goose island. Goose island beer is launching in cities across the country and they are hosting 'migration events' for local bloggers. 
In partner with denver's canvas and cocktails, the event showcased goose islands' delicious female-friendly beers. As the sun set over the city, we were instructed how to create a painting featuring one of goose islands ales. I brought my girlfriend ashley with me who was the perfect date for the night; she was an art major in college and a beer novice.

(clockwise from top left:  ice cold beverages  /  fresh grapefruit and flowers welcome guests  /  my brush swimming in the water cup  /  palette of paint)

I had previously done a few painting nights at canvas and cocktails so I had a good idea of what to expect. I would highly recommend you booking a class in denver or finding a similar studio in your city because it honestly is so much fun. 

Throughout the evening, we sampled the vintage ales of goose island including the sour-cherry madame rose, the herbaceous lolita, the juliet which was full of berry and spice, the sofie with its hits of grapefruit and finally the slightly fruity matilda. I was a huge fan of the lolita and the sofie was quite delicious too.

(my final painting  /  the inspiration painting for the evening  /  ashley's final painting)

At the end of the night I was able to take home my painting (which I think turned out pretty good) and a super cozy t-shirt from the migration event as mementos of all the fun. Even better, I can now stop by local liquor stores here in dever to pick up goose island beers, enter: happy dance. 

Thanks to the ladies at goose island and canvas and cocktails for such a fun night!


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