Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast

September 9, 2013
Labor day is like pulling out the white flag on summer and waving it for all to see. We announce (hypothetically) our defeat, retreating and accept the fact that those warm summer nights are slowly transitioning into fall. Looking back now, I can honestly say summer flew by. I blinked and may turned to september, despite my callous attempts to savor every moment. 

Yes, I was able to squeeze in some serious fun along the way and created some memories to take with me far into the cool autumn months, yet, I still wish I was able to do more. So, as I pack away all my white denim/shorts/jackets and slowly watch my tan fade away to pasty-white, I want to look back on some of the great summer highlights from 2013. In no particular order...

- Camping at wellington late

- Concerts at red rocks (imagine dragons & fun)

- The endless hours logged at the pool (with or without sun)

- Celebrating ryan and I's 12 year anniversary

- Our b-cycle bike ride around denver

- Labor day weekend fun with all of my family

- Watching the night's sky light up with fireworks on 4th of july

- Walks with rocco and playing catch in our neighborhood park

Oh summer 2013, you were pretty good to me. Thank you for all the fun in the sun!


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