Weekend Update

September 24, 2013
Ugh, I have to start off this post with the deepest of apologies to all of my readers. I have just had a string of crazy-busy days, both personally and professionally that have left me drained, uninspired and without time to post much more than things that I had been previously working on. I have had the best of intentions to post about the start of spring, some amazing recipes that my parents found on a new blog and another my love for food series but just haven't. 

Here is the worst part, I had an awesome weekend; one that I was so excited to share. So, while it is technically hump day (wednesday), I am bringing you my weekend update. Again, I am sorry for being that girl.

On friday we had one of the most fun nights at matt and lindy's for dinner. Their baby boy rory was a dancing machine who did not want to leave all the fun when it was time for bed. Luckily, rocco was able to sneak in some crib time with him (well, lucky for rory... maybe not rocco).

Saturday morning I met my sister-in-law krista for a west elm diy workshop that was seriously so much fun. I cannot wait share more about it. Oh, and our friend brian joined ryan and I to go see prisoners at the alamo draft house saturday night. This place was awesome; a movie and dinner service in one. What is better than watching a suspenseful movie than sipping some drinks and eating chicken wings and pizza at the same time (the answer would be nothing!).

Sunday the fun continued at root down for brunch with chuck and jaime who were visiting from chicago. Oh I just love when they come to town. In the late afternoon ryan and I headed over to luke and krista's house for some football and a nice family dinner. Krista made a seriously amazing summer salad that took the essence of summer and tossed it into a tasty dish. After dinner, my nieces makenzie and kamryn opened up the hair salon for krista and I to get our 'hair did'. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend too. Oh, I would definitely re-live this one again as it was a goodie. 


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