Birthday // 29

October 2, 2013
Last year I turned 29 and it could have been just any 'ol birthday as it was not really a monumental age but oh no... 29 was the birthday. 

Ryan, my sister and a handful of the most important people in my life took me on a culinary tour through denver at some of the best spots for drinks and snacks. As you probably know (if you have read this blog more than once), I am a food-lover and foodie-extreme-to-the-core so truly, this was right up my alley. At each location we cheered with cocktails in hand and smiles from ear to ear. I was presented with a cute card talking about the next location on the list and we all headed out the doors and walked through the streets of lower-highland to continue the celebrating fun. 

(one of my birthday location cards)

The evening kicked off at root down with cardamom gin fizzes and sweet potato fries which was then followed by a place I had been dying to try, z cuisine. Somehow our group of 8 was able to snag the entire bar of this itty-bitty restaurant and we gorged ourselves on french onion soup and the largest serving of luscious mussels I have ever had. From there we ventured to the central and snuck into the banquette seating for an intimate round of drinks and more snacking. I literally was stuffed by this point and could not believe when I was told we had yet another location to visit. 

So, we made our way up a couple blocks to forest room 5 and I walked in to find dozens of my friends and family waiting around the bar greeting me with 'surprise'!!! Everyone had planned to meet at our final destination for a surprise party in my honor and at that moment, I was touched beyond belief. My parents, ryan's family and all of the amazing friends I am so blessed to have in my life, lit up my night with warmth, love and awe. 

(gina, luke, me, lindy, matt, beth, krista and ryan at z cuisine)

29 was filled with so much thoughtful-planning, a deep-rooted understanding of things I love and filled with people who I am so blessed to have strong relationships with. This birthday was all about surprise in its truest form from people who know me all too well. 


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