Kenosha Pass

October 13, 2013
A couple weekends ago we headed west up highway 285 towards kenosha pass to take part in a seasonal activity I had never once experienced, even with being a colorado native. We went to go see the changing of the aspens and do a little hiking during one of the most beautiful times of the year. 

The drive was just over an hour and had picturesque views nearly the entire time. Every shade of orange and yellow was on display for miles in every direction once we reach kenosha pass (which is just 7 miles southwest of bailey,co). The day was mild and a bit windy but made for perfect hiking weather. Oh and the leaves, the way they danced in the cool breeze was just magical to watch. The typical red and deep orange leaves were not seen this year but that is due to the weather we have had in the last few months.

Rocco was a champ on the trail, proudly walking along for the 2 mile loop, only stopping to ham it up when we were approached by other hikers. It was so fun to experience the beauty of the aspens changing and it is something I would definitely do again. I have since had quite a few friends tell me about additional trails, so, maybe we will venture to one of them next fall. My dad also said that missouri is amazing to see fall colors.

Where have you gone to see the leaves change? I would love to hear all about it and find new places to travel and see.


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