Weekend Update // Birthday Recap

October 15, 2013
If being in your 30s is anything like the celebrations surrounding turning 30, I am in for a magical year to come! 
(gina and I trying to take a 'serious picture' over champagne at the st. julien)

An amazing spa day with my sister here
A mimosa brunch at tangerine with gina, filled with endless giggles and delicious food. 
The most romantic and intimate dinner with ryan at luca d'italia
A surprise party arranged by my amazing husband filled with all of my closest friends and family.
Beth and hunter making their way back to denver early to celebrate and me busting out in tears when I saw her grinning face.
Dinner at one of denver's top restaurants, trillium, with my family on saturday night.
Beautiful gifts from my parents, lindy, and of course ryan.
Our 12th annual pumpkin festival with liz, ryan and peyton at chatfield reservoir on saturday morning.
Funfetti cake baked just for me by peyton.
More love, happiness, laughs and smiles than I could ever imagine!

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for everything that everyone did to make my birthday feel so special. I have no words but complete appreciation and awe for those who went out of their way to celebrate with me!

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  1. Woohoo! For your birthday present, I will give you two website icons! :)


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