Overhaul // Linen Closet

October 17, 2013
A goal I mentioned earlier this year was to find some time to reorganize my linen closet. Luckily, just a couple weeks ago, I finally was able to check this off my list. On a sunny saturday afternoon I took my very full, disheveled and dreary linen closet and turn it into a pristine and harmonized space.

To start, I took everything out and gave the shelves a nice scrub down then whipped out my paint brush to give each shelf a fresh coat of white paint. To add a little bit of surprise, I decided to grab a can of navy paint (which was used in my office) and I added some color to the back wall of the closet. It is a subtle detail but I love the outcome.

After going through all of my towels, sheets and extra blankets, I was able to consolidate everything into 4 main bins: bed linens, kitchen towels, bathroom towels and miscellaneous. In addition, I went through my mess of medicine and got rid of everything which was expired and/or not being used. I scored some great storage solutions at homegoods which helped to make everything unified. The end result... an organized closet with some unexpected charm.


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