Rocco Turns 2!

October 23, 2013
Holy cow... my baby boy is 2 today!

Over the past 365 days, this little pup of mine has developed a proud, courageous, fun-loving and habitual personality that steals my heart daily.

The sweet kisses to my cheeks in the middle of the night, how he chases after his toys when we play fetch at the park, the look on his face when I walk in the door, how he prances in the grass, the way he begs for treats, how he loves to sit on ryan's shoulder in the car, the process of him finding just-the-perfect-spot to settle down on the bed each night and that face... oh that face gets me every time.

Happy birthday to my little rocco. I am grateful everyday that ryan brought the most precious and lovable pup into my life. To read about rocco's 1st birthday, click here


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