Weekend Update

October 28, 2013
My weekend consisted of lots of coffee, fall weather and football; all of which made for great weekend looking back now. I feel like since ryan surprised me with a nespresso maker for my birthday, we have been consuming like crazy. Then, you add in brunch at beatrice and woodsley with a pot of their delicious french press and it seems like the majority of photos on my iphone this weekend had a cup-o-joe in them.

The fall weather is just so amazing right now. I feel like everywhere I look there are vibrant leaves on every tree or sidewalk which makes walks with rocco, yard work and driving around town that much more beautiful. Oh, and the broncos vs redskins game was actually hot... we were sweating away as we cheered the team to yet another home-game victory. I cannot complain though because it was so much fun and I would rather be watching the game in seasonally warm versus seasonally cool weather. 


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