November 27, 2013
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

rocco. I never thought I would be so excited to walk in the door each night to have you greeting me with endless excitement and happiness. You have made me the proudest mama.

starbucks drive thru. On lazy mornings when I crave caffeine to warm my belly on my drive into work, I am grateful that I can get a wet cappuccino and not even unbuckle my seatbelt. You are always open, happy to greet me and bring convenience to my life.

the dictionary. For the multitude of words I have never learned to spell, thank you for auto-correcting and fixing my countless errors.

home cooked meals. In one bite, you can taste the love poured into a meal prepared by a loved one. Thank you for the togetherness a home cooked meal provides and the love you give by nourishing our bodies. There is nothing better than indulging in a delicious meal that has been part of your family for so many years.

the health of my friends and family. There is no certainty in life, unfortunately, so I am grateful for every day we get to be together, talk on the phone or see milestones happen.   


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