November 28, 2013
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

my bed. Each night I crawl in and curl up to be greeted with instant comfort and warmth. You are the perfect softness and after a vacation or a night away, I do a little mental-happy-dance knowing I will back with you soon.

the google. You provide the answers to anything and everything. 

vacation. A chance to unwind and pull yourself away from the everyday is a gift that some do not get to enjoy enough. Being able to refuel your mind, body, spirit and sanity while experiencing a new place is one of the best gifts to every have. 

patience. thank you for your subtle but sometimes obvious reminders to take a moment, breath and let things work out over time instead of on my schedule. Patience brings clear thoughts, settles emotions and give perspective... all things needed in abundance when chaos is in the air.

yoga. Every time I unroll my mat and step away from the world around me (and step into warrior 2, dancer or tree), even if it's just for an hour, I am able to breath deeper, strengthen my body and clear my mind. It is so hard to explain the immense gratitude I have to my yoga practice but it has been a major influence on my physical and mental state.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day is filled with family, friends, food and football!


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