Veteran's Day

November 11, 2013
To all those who have served or are currently defending the freedoms of this country, thank you.


My grandpa was a tanker in the us army and last thursday would have marked his 80th birthday. To honor my grandpa and celebrate the vibrant and full life he lead, many members of our family got together to serve the poor through the broadway assistance center. The evening was dedicated to him, with a beautiful prayer before the doors opened and a certificate was presented to my grandma at the end of the night, thanking my grandpa for his years of assistance. 

The night was a success; serving dinner and providing support for so many in need. As I looked around the very full room and saw my uncles, aunts, parents and extended family all there together, a huge sense of pride came over me. I know my grandpa would have been happy to see all of us coming together for the greater good, for something bigger than any of us. Happy veteran's day.

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  1. Mel was a great man who lived a long and happy life. Happy Veterans Day


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