Riveria Maya

December 13, 2013
While I am still editing my photos from vacation last week, I thought I would have magisto put together a quick video of my trip to the riveria maya. I have used magisto a couple of times to create videos and it is such a cool site. However, the one down side is you cannot edit the videos together, it is automatically done for you. So... when you see a larger white guy walking up the beach, pulling up his swim shorts, my apologies. He just happened to make the cut :(

this post was not sponsored by magisto; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers as I love this site.


  1. We were in the same area at almost the same time! Hope you had fun. The weather was perfect for us.

    1. I know! I however was so jealous that you were able to update your instagram feed the whole time. The weather was great though.

      - Jaime


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