Weekend Update

December 16, 2013
Oh the holidays make for such busy (but fun) weekends! There was not much downtime for me this weekend between a nuggets game on friday night, entertaining family on saturday and then christmas shopping on sunday. Yes, I just started my shopping yesterday and its the first time e.v.e.r. that I am so late to join the hundreds of last-minute-shoppers at the mall. Luckily, the lines were really short and the stores were well stocked so I was able to get through about half my list in just a few hours.

Ryan put up christmas lights on our house saturday afternoon and I cannot wait to go snap some pictures of his good work. I love pulling up to our house and seeing it shinning bright. We had ryan's family over for dinner on saturday too (I made this) and it was so nice to have everyone over to enjoy all our festive decor. 

This week is a busy one so I will do my best to stay on top of my posts for you guys to keep coming back to this little corner of the internet. Have a great week-before-christmas!

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  1. I still have never had your white chili! I feel like that's breaking the laws of our friendship. We must change this ASAP.


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