Vacation Wrap Up // Riviera Maya

December 18, 2013
Just over two weeks ago my parents, sister, ryan and I took off for a week of warm weather and relaxation in the beautiful riviera maya region of mexico. We stayed at a stunning all-inclusive resort called the el dorado royale. This trip was my first experience staying at an all-inclusive and I was unsure of what to expect (as I had heard many mixed-reviews prior to booking) but I can say this place blew all my expectations out of the water. The property was massive but picturesque, the customer service was stellar, the resort was impeccably clean and the food was like dining at five-star restaurants. 

(clockwise from top left:  beautiful mexico clouds  /  the bright blue ocean  /  our attempt at a jumping photo  /  swim up casita suites overlooking the ocean  /  one of the hundreds of palm trees on the property)

The trip from beginning to end was wonderful and I am beyond fortunate to have had the opportunity to take a week away from the day-to-day and relax with the best of company, my family. It was just shy of 10 years ago that we had all vacationed together so this trip was a long time coming. And, I must say, any time I get to spend 7 straight days with my husband and no work, makes me one happy girl.

(little birds on the beach  /  gina and I heading to the pool  /  ryan and I put our initials in the sand  /  cabanas at the beach  /  the ocean on our 1st day)

While the majority of the trip consisted of lounging with a cocktail in hand, I can say some of my most favorite memories were when we got up out of the beach chairs and got some activity in or all came together and did something as a family. Beach volleyball in the afternoon sun, painting ceramics under a thatched-roof palapa, playing tennis with ryan on our last day, having shots of don julio as a family at dinner, pool aerobics and playing cards, oh the fun! 

(ryan and i before dinner at the champagne bar  /  the sun setting beyond the pier  /  the smallest sliver of moon at dusk  /  drinks at one of the outdoor bars on the beach before dinner with my family  /  more of the beautiful ocean at sunset)

My trip to mexico is long over and my tan is fading fast. However, the memories made will be ever-present in my mind and held very close to my heart.

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  1. Those white sand beaches look do the crystal clear waters! Looks like you had lots of fun!


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