Holiday Cards // 2013

December 17, 2013
This years' holiday cards have been dropped in the mail so I thought I would be safe to now share them with you. Ryan and I usually have the talented beth take them for us but this year due to scheduling, we set up our camera with the self-timer function and took them ourselves. 

(front of the card)

(back of the card) 

Little rocco made his debut (last year we were horrible and never sent out cards) wearing a seasonal scarf and ryan and I tried to look as festive as possible with a bright red blanket and tons of fake snow. Note to self... fake snow is a huge mess to clean up so I am glad we at least took these pictures on our back patio so we could grab the shop-vac once we were done. After a couple quick edits on the computer, we uploaded the pics to shutterfly and found a template that we loved.

What do you guys think? Do you send out a holiday card every year? 


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