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January 30, 2014
What is the best way to heat up last night's pasta or the cold pizza from earlier in the week? Bon appetit recently shared their the tips and tricks to heat up some of the most common leftovers in your fridge. I can honestly say I was surprised by many of them and was doing my food little justice by just throwing it in the microwave.


Pizza: heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Drop your slice in (dough side down), then cover the pan for about 3–4 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Then uncover and cook until the crust is crispy, about 2–3 minutes more.

Steak and Chicken

Steak and chicken: you must go into reheating steak or chicken knowing that they'll never taste like they did the night before. But it can still be good—just different. Chop or tear the meat into smaller bits. Heat a skillet over medium-high with a splash of oil, then sauté the meat until it's warmed through, about 4–5 minutes. 


Pasta: honestly, we like to eat pasta cold. If you must eat it hot, gently warmed in the microwave is the way to go. If reheating lasagna, however, do as new york's del posto does: Cut it, then pan-fry the cut sides till they're crispy.


Eggs: do not reheat eggs. Repeat: DO NOT REHEAT THEM. If they're in a frittata, just slice it and eat it cold.


Veggies: as with meat, you need to know you'll never get vegetables' crispy, snappy texture back when you reheat them. Give them the same treatment as your chicken or steak: sautéed in a little oil until just hot.

For the rest bon appetit's tips on reheating leftovers, click here to read the full article. All images via bon appetit.


  1. I tried the pizza reheating tip once on a stainless steel pan. Something went awry and the bottom of the crust burned and left a nice pizza-shape burn mark on the pan :(

    1. Shoot... I wonder why that is. Maybe the pan was too hot?!?! Sorry about you pan too.

      - Jaime


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