January 30, 2014
Have I mentioned on this little blog of mine that I have a deep love for mark wahlberg? Seriously, he might be the dreamiest guy in hollywood... or on this planet, after my husband. Well, his new show on a&e, wahlburgers just premiered last week and I am completely obsessed, even though only two episodes have aired thus far.


The reality show follows mark and his brothers, along with their mother alma, who have opened a burger joint outside of boston called wahlburgers (nice play on words!). The chef of the place is the oldest brother, paul, he had a life-long dream of owning a restaurant but both mark and his brother donnie are major investors in the growing business. Of course I love watching family dynamic and how the restaurant is run but more than anything I love how the show portrays how food has always been the glue of their family.


As with most families, food is what brings everyone together. The emotional attachment and feelings surrounding 'family dinner night' is what makes those meals so special and vivid when looking back. I know that is why I love roast beef and mashed potatoes, chile rellenos, stuffed bell peppers and tacos so much; they are synonymous with my dinner at my parents house.

I hope everyone checks out wahlburgers or even makes their way to boston to try the food themselves. I know it is now on my bucket list of things to do. Wahlburgers airs on a&e, wednesday nights at 8:30pm (MT).


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