Latest Obsession // Bangled

January 23, 2014
Call me crazy but I have yet to pick up on the 'arm candy' trend that is everywhere on the blogosphere. A few perfectly selected bangles always look great in photos but seem a bit unrealistic in the real world. I just don't see how people can wear 5 bracelets and not have them catch on everything throughout the day. I know... why am I saying this outloud?!?! I should actually make a confession... I have never been a huge fan of bracelets or watches as my wrists are freakishly small. They usually just fall right off so I wear a lot more earrings or necklaces instead. 

However, over the past few months I have been gravitating to thin and dainty bangles in an oblong shape as they add a bit of sparkle and will actually not fall off. I owe this latest obsession to my husband as he gave me two amazing kate spade bangles for our anniversary last september. Now, I am totally hooked and wear the two of them paired together regularly.

(left to right: michael kors  /  c. wonder  /  anne klein  /  bauble bar  /  kate spade  /  kate spade  /  nadri  /  nordstrom)

I might only wear one or two at a time but these guys sure have stolen my heart... and have been a nice addition to my daily accessories.


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