Weekend Update

January 27, 2014
My weekend was all about food and family... from friday to sunday and I am full to the brim in the best of ways. First off, I cannot wait to tell you more about my awesome dinner at ruth chris steak house later this week. I was able to score two tickets to their opening weekend private dinners and it was nothing short of delicious food and top-notch service.

On saturday rocco got to spend some time sun bathing in the backyard before dinner with my family to celebrate both my mom and dad's birthdays. We had a fun dinner (complete with a delicious bottle of complimentary champagne) at harman's eat + drink. Between tasty appetizers like the chicken liver paté and pesto buratta, to their scallop and risotto dish, we ate good.

On sunday morning ryan suggested we go to brunch at table 6 and of course, I was giddy with excitement and said yes. Sitting at the front table that was drowning in sunlight, we had yet another delectable meal. Then to finish the weekend on another high note featuring both family and food, ryan and I went to his mom's house for smothered burritos and great story telling. 

Geesh, I am so grateful for all the fun this past weekend. I am hoping you all had an incredible weekend too ,full of things you love just as much.


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