Weekend Update

January 13, 2014
Wow... what an awesome weekend to be in denver and/or to be a denver broncos fan. We killed it against the chargers and will be heading to the afc championship next weekend to go up against the patriots. Seriously, so proud to be #unitedinorange!

On another note, my week-long detox is over and ryan and I celebrated our completion over sushi at izakaya den. I am so proud of us and know that our healthy eating patterns will only continue from here. On saturday ryan and I were super productive... car washes, working out, cleaning the house and running errands. It felt so good to get a few little projects out of the way early on because I felt less guilty relaxing the rest of the weekend. 

Speaking of, the rest of the weekend, it was a bit indulgent (especially if you compare to the week prior of cleansing)... dinner at park burger, a night out at the dive inn playing ping pong and drinking beers followed by tailgating for the broncos on sunday morning. Luckily I took it easy the rest of the day while watching the golden globes. Tina fey and amy poehler did a hysterical job hosting and of course the fashion was killer. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend too. Come back here all week for a few great food posts and some fun articles. 


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