Weekend Update

January 20, 2014
Happy monday everyone. I have to start this post (and weekend recap) by saying what a proud denver broncos fan I am today. We are going to the super bowl after winning the afc west championship yesterday against the patriots! It was an awesome day... tailgating in the sunshine with our friends matt + lindy, cheering the broncos on to a victory and all in 60 degree weather!

The rest of the weekend had (nearly) equal highlights sprinkled throughout it. Friday night was spent with gina at the central after enjoying a nice walk around lower-downtown with rocco during sunset. Saturday I got to see the new lone survivor movie which was seriously such a well-portrayed war film on top of have a nice fish dinner at bone fish grill. Oh, and a tasty breakfast was had with ryan at denver biscuit company. I don't know if I will ever get sick of our lazy weekend routines of lingering over a delicious breakfast just my husband and I. Seriously... its is one of my most favorite things.


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