Ruth Chris // Opening Night

February 6, 2014
Ruth chris steak house was founded in 1965 in the city of new orleans. The rich history, culture, music and cuisine was used as the foundation of ruth chris in its conception and remains just as present to this day. Denver is now home to one of the many new ruth chris steak houses that have opened up across the country over the past few weeks. The restaurant hosted a 'christening' on januaray 27th, complete with a second line parade and I was lucky enough to score two tickets to this fabulous feté.

Traditionally second line parades are seen across new orleans at jazz funerals. Musicians play upbeat music and strut around with umbrellas, handkerchiefs or napkins in a performance to honor the life of the deceased. The musicians are typically considered the 'first line' and the procession of guests are considered the 'second line'. Ruth chris honors their new orleans heritage at every restaurant opening with their own second line. We were able to join in on the fun as the second line parade weaved through the dining room filling the space with joyful music, dancing and lots of hankie waving.


The evening as a whole was just a wonderful celebration filled with food and fun. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by friendly and accommodating staff, live music and a stunning dining room. The evening featured the restaurants' usda prime beef served on sizzling 500 degree plates. Yes the steak was just as delicious as you would imagine at a high-end steak house but I was equally impressed with the luscious crab cakes, velvety lobster bisque and the bread pudding with sweet whiskey sauce. While the food was great and stood up to the hype, I have to say the service was what really left an impression. From our knowledgeable waiter to the multiple managers who came to check on our meal, the service did not falter or skip a beat. This alone will be reason enough to bring me back very soon.

I hope everyone is able to try the new denver ruth chris or make a special visit to one in your home town soon. Valentine's day is just a week away so it might be the perfect opportunity.

this post was not sponsored by ruth chris; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers after attending the christening event at ruth chris.


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