Weekend Update

February 10, 2014
Happy monday lovely readers. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and kept warm with all the freezing temps that have affected nearly every city across the country.

Friday night was my company's after-holiday-holiday-party. It was a fun night, especially because I won one of the big prizes being given away. To say I was shocked is an understatement (imagine jumping up and down like a cray cray in front of 120+ people) but I could not be more grateful.

Saturday was a whirl-win of a day too... I am actually a bit shocked I had the energy to get through it all after only a few hours of sleep. In the morning rocco got a much-needed groom, we brunched at snooze and then I was off to help my sister-in-law peyton get ready for her high school sweethearts dance. I don't regret a moment of family time and helping her get all put together for her dance but I did have to miss both sara and phil's birthday parties because of it. Sometimes I just wish there was more time in a day. 

This week I am deadicating all my posts to love in honor of valentine's. Check back all week for awesome gift guides, love notes and more. See you soon! 

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  1. Marketing wins the Vanilla Ice trip and now a TV? I smell shenanigans :)


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