Valentines // Gifts for Her

February 11, 2014
Super girly, fuschia and heart-shaped item are everywhere this valentines. The designs are poppy and ultra-girly which was fun to peruse as I put together this year's gift guide. Why not rock a pop-of-color watch or bright lacquer this february to show everyone how smitten you are with all things valentines. And, if you don't have a special someone this year, no worries... the majority of the gifts on this list would be items I would gladly buy for myself and you should too.

(clockwise from top left:  wallet  /  lip gloss  /  socks  /  water bottles  /  watch  /  lacquers  /  tee  /  studs  /  necklace  /  ring  /  candles  /  sweater  /  sunnies)

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  1. This is all so cuuute! I really have to have those sox! And the water bottles! XO ~Carrie


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