Weekend Update

February 17, 2014
Welcome back to my little piece of the blogosphere. Valentine's came and went but luckily it was filled to the brim with love. Hopefully you felt the same way. We grilled up some fillets + lobster tails, drank a great bottle of pinot noir and watched a few more episodes of breaking bad. The perfect valentines in if you ask me.

This weekend I also added a pink hair extension to my locks in support of a girlfriend battling breast cancer. My nieces were big fans of the pink which they had to touch, pull and point-out multiple times during dinner on saturday and at a fun lunch at denver biscuit company on sunday. Those girls seriously steal my heart.

Other highlights included lunch with gina at north on saturday, making martha stewart's three cheese macaroni recipe, trying out corvus coffee and a breezy but very nice walk around the park with rocco. This weekend was a quick one but looking back on all the photos, I cannot help but smile at all the love in my life.


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