Eat This // Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns

March 13, 2014
The neighborhood surrounding the university of denver has a new player in the dining scene game, three week old atticus. This neighborhood spot, on the corner of evans and downing, is serving up their take on american cuisine with a comfort twist in a cozy dining space. Atticus' menu has a bevy of craft cocktails (try the razzle dazzle), small plates, seasonal salads and hearty entrees. 
The prosciutto wrapped prawns are definitely worth ordering on your next visit to atticus. Crispy prosciutto is wrapped around sweet prawns and sauteed in a fabulous sauce until cooked through. Served on top of a crispy jasmine rice cake and a fresh bok choy salad, the dish has balance of both flavor and texture. I will admit the service is a bit slow but I am guessing that atticus is still working out the flow between front and back of the house. Regardless, the prawns are a great way to start your next meal and I know I will be back soon to see what else atticus is producing in the kitchen. 


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